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Pink Cotton Candy Agate Freeforms

$11.11 - $19.99

Pink Agate aka Cotton Candy Agate are trade names for the mineral Youngite.

This is a newly found material that has a beautiful soft, inviting energy.
It is said to be a stone of consciousness, spirituality, mental strength, and inner child healing. It is said to be a shamanic journey stone, helping to connect to other planes of existence. It inspires a joyful attitude, while still being a powerful healing stone.
This is a needed crystal healing ally for anyone who thinks that healing has to be hard work. This crystal brings the reminder that sometimes the gentle approach is actually the most impactful.

Affirmation: "The strength of my mind determines the quality of my life. The ability to continue moving when I am fearful is the sign of true mental strength."

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These are mostly polished although they do have some raw spots and some have druzy.