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Macrame Metatron's Cube Necklace

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Considered one of the most sacred of all geometric patterns, Metatron's Cube is a primordial and perfect blueprint of Cosmic Creation, a blueprint that also lies in you. Within Metatron’s cube lie all five of the platonic solids. The circles and lines that form the basis of Metatron’s cube can be understood as the balance of yin and yang. Circles represent our feminine energy, creative and transformative. The lines contribute masculine energy to Metatron’s cube meaning, symbolizing power and resilience.

This Metatron’s Cube has been lovingly hand wrapped using the Micro Macrame artform, which creates designs using only various knots. Wrapped in Lavender, Silver, and Purple cording. Each is paired with 6 silver beads, 1 Super Seven bead, and a wire wrapped Amethyst. And adjustable lavender cord is attached to be worn long or short. The Metatron's Cube itself is a Zinc Alloy.

Sound Cleansed & Reiki Charged.
Handmade with Love by me 💜