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April's Full Moon Reading

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Energetically prepare for this month's Full Moon at 4° Scorpio with a Full Moon Reading combining Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, and Astrology.

You will receive a link to your 20-30 minute recorded reading via a private unlisted youtube video that only you can access no later than the day of this month's Full Moon on Tuesday, April 23rd.

Discover which area of your life this full moon is activating via astrology.
Receive affirmative guidance via Oracle Cards.
Uncover the answer to these questions with a 4 card Tarot Reading:
1. Celebration: what has grown within or around me this lunar cycle?
2. Illumination: what is being revealed under the full moon's bright light?
3. Gratitude: how or where can I show more gratitude for the fullness in my life?
4. Prepare to Release: what am I being called to release as the moon begins to wane?

Please include your date of birth, time of birth, city & state of birth, and current city & state in the order notes at checkout (even if you’ve given me this information before as your info may not be saved anymore due to storage space).
The astrological portion of this reading can not be started without all of this information to access your birth chart.
Please type out your birth month name rather than using a number to mitigate confusion with other countries using different date formats.

*Tarot & Astrology Readings do not take the place of professional medical or mental health advice and should not be used as a substitute for those services*